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The Dog Blog

For The Love Of Dogs

Humans and dogs have been together for years now. Why are we such best friends? Dogs bark, dig, lick, steal burgers, worms, get fleas, and ticks. Dogs need to be trained to do their business outside the house and it has to be cleaned up afterwards. They have to be fed, brushed, bathed, walked, watered, and played with. Through all this, the bond between a human and dog is stronger than ever. It has been estimated that people are spending $2 billion per year on their family pets, and this number increases per year. Some say that within the next five years, people will spend more than $8 billion a year on their furry family members without blinking an eye.


If your dog is well cared, the latter will do anything to protect their trainers. In the present times, a Chihuahua killed a rattlesnake to protect its family members. After a disaster such as the avalanche or twin towers, dogs are among the heroes. Today, many people would not be alive without the wonderful dog. In fact, they make it happier, richer, and so much better with the dog. Click here for more info!


Dog is man's best friend because they are loyal. In fact, they bring out the best in people. The love brings tears to the eyes even the toughest people. Also, this love can drive a hard-core military man in order to break every rule to protect a stray dog who has turned out to become a family member. Dogs are always exceptional. They are more than a family member instead of the old manner who lives outside. People who loves them so much choose to cuddle with their dogs while sleeping and take them on trip. People pamper and dress their dogs, and buy them the best dog food accessible or make it at home. People thank their dogs every day for their companionship, love, and individual personality. They have safety belts for their dogs and dog hammocks for the car. The people adore their dogs and they in turn adore them. Know more about dogs in


This exchange of pure love is the reason as to why most humans spend billions of dollars on dog foods, supplies, and all around spoiling. The best canine family member will die for them, warn us of danger and would lead them home if they are lost. It's a fair trade to clean up the dog poop, deflea, walk, water, deworm, detick, play, brush, train and fill up the holes they dig, check it out!